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Theft Deterrent

Cemetery Flower Vase

Losing our loved ones does not mean that we forget all the memories we have shared together when they were alive. Aside from keeping those memories alive in our hearts, we commemorate their lives here on earth through the marker of their grave site. Their grave site becomes the sacred ground for us, who still live, where we can visit them each time we want. While we make our best effort to make their grave marker, headstone or memorial something that gives them honor, accompanying accessories such as cemetery vases get stolen, become damaged or even get lost or come up missing, especially if they are made of metals. Unfortunately a growing problem is cemetery theft. Thieves all over are preying on cemeteries throughout, making money out of stealing cemetery vases and selling them for scrap. Because of this growing probelm, there are now alternatives to metal cemetery vases such as the ForeverSafe Cemetery Vases. A beautiful and durable alternative to tradional cemetery flower vases manufactured from metals such as bronze and aluminum. ForeverSafe Cemetery Vases offer:

  • Beautiful, durable polyethylene construction
  • Available in granite-like and metallic finishes
  • Impervious to weather conditions
  • More affordable than metal counterparts
  • Matching cremation urns and burial urns available

Replacement Cemetery Vase

Helping Combat Cemetery Theft

With cemetery theft growing at an alarming rate, ForeverSafe products developed a cemetery flower vase manufacturing from polyethylene, rendering it virtually worthless to scrap metal thieves. Produced via the rotational molding process, the cemetery vases are incredibly durable and beautiful, offered in a number of granite looks and metallic finishes.

With a variety of bases offered for most common manufacturers of cemetery vases, ForeverSafe cemetery vases are practical, affordable and very easy to use as a replacement vase for a stolen or missing cemetery vase.

Bring Flowers

For Any Occasion

The Occasional Cemetery Vase offers a means of a beautiful, durable staked or spiked cemetery vase that can be inserted into the ground without the requirements of a separate cemetery vase canister. The ForeverSafe Occasional vase allows for the user to simply insert and screw in the the stainless steel spike or stake and insert the vase into the ground near the desired location.

Attractive granite-like and metallic finishes offer beauty and durability to the occasional vase making it a perfect solution. Learn more about the occasional vases here!

Water Tight

Theft Deterrent Burial Urns

Unfortunately the theives who plague cemeteries know no boundaries! On more than 1 occasion, people have been caught stealing urns from cemeteries and memorial parks. While the small financial gain of selling the urns for scrap metal are short lived, the anguish caused to the family and loved ones who have had an urn or a cemetery vase stolen is not short lived.

ForeverSafe's water tight burial urns are rotationally molded from polyethylene. This renders the urn virtually worthless to tasteless criminals scouting for precious metals to steal from cemeteries, memorial parks, etc. The attractive granite and metallic finishes make the urns beautiful enough to display in a niche or even in your home, yet durable enough that they can be buried into the ground with the requirements of an additional urn vault and offer water tight protection. The urns are offered in 1 classic shapes, round and rectangular.

Cemetery Vases & Urns


Cemetery Vases

Cemetery Vases, Cemetery Flower Vases, Cemetery Vases
Theft Deterrent Cemetery Vases

Cemetery Vases

Beautiful and durable theft deterrent Cemetery flower vase options. Replaces most major vase manufacturers.

Occasional Cemetery Vase, Occasional Vase, ForeverSafe Occasional Vase
Staked or Spiked Cemetery Vases

Occasional Vases

Use virtually anywhere without needing a vase canister. Durable construction that allows for years of use.

Urn, Burial Urn, Cremation Urn, ForeverSafe Urn, Water Tight Urn
Water tight burial urns


Protect your loved one forever with a water tight burial urn from ForeverSafe. The only urn that does not require an urn vault.